Korey Johnson Foundation P.O.O.L. 

Welcome to the Korey Johnson Foundation P.O.O.L. Program! 

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Promote Physical Health and Wellness:Encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles through skating and related activities.

Environmental Awareness:Educate participants on environmental sustainability and encourage eco-friendly practices.

Exposure to New Experiences: Provide opportunities for participants to experience new activities and broaden their horizons.

Target Audience
Youth aged 12 to 21 in St. Louis, MO.

Program Components
1. Skating Activities
Weekly Skating Sessions
Location: Local skate parks and rinks.
Details: Organize weekly skating sessions led by professional instructors. Sessions will include lessons for beginners, skill development for intermediate skaters, and advanced techniques for experienced skaters.

Skate & Fitness Challenges:
Details: Organize monthly fitness challenges incorporating skating, such as distance challenges, trick challenges, and team competitions.

2. Health and Wellness Education
Nutrition Workshops
Partner with local nutritionists to provide workshops on healthy eating, meal prep, and understanding nutritional labels.

Mental Health Awareness
Conduct sessions on mental health, stress management, and mindfulness practices.

Fitness Classes
 Offer complementary fitness classes like yoga, pilates, and strength training to support overall physical health.

3. Environmental Awareness
Eco-Friendly Skating

Promote the use of sustainable products and educate participants on minimizing their environmental footprint.

Community Clean-Up Events
Details: Organize monthly clean-up events at local parks, skate spots, and neighborhoods to instill a sense of responsibility and community service.

Environmental Workshops
Host workshops on topics such as recycling, conservation, and sustainable living practices.

4. Exposure to New Experiences
Field Trips

Details: Arrange field trips to local and regional skate parks, professional skateboarding events, and other recreational facilities.

Guest Speakers
Invite professional skaters, health and wellness experts, and environmental activists to speak to the participants and share their experiences and insights.

Cultural Enrichment
Organize visits to museums, art galleries, and cultural festivals to provide a well-rounded educational experience.

Program Logistics
Year-round, with a flexible schedule to accommodate school and work commitments of participants.

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