Korey's Kids Schedule


4150 Carter

St. Louis Mo  63115


Postponed due to COVID-19


If inclement weather occurs on those days listed please call 314-732-7771 .


Korey's Kids Community garden fosters a sense of community identity, ownership and stewardship. We provide a place for people of all walks of life come to interact and share cultural traditions while learning about each other.

Food production and access. Community gardens enable people without suitable land of their own to grow organic vegetables for themselves, their families and their communities, possibly in places that lack grocery stores or other fresh food outlets.

• Nutrition.

Some research indicates that community gardeners eat more fruits and vegetables.

• Exercise.

Gardening requires physical activity and helps improve overall physical health and creates a safe space to socialize with peers.

• Mental health.

Interacting with plants and having access to nature help reduce stress and increase gardeners’ sense of wellness and belonging.

 • Education.

All ages can acquire and share knowledge related to gardening, cooking, nutrition and health. 

Youth. Gardens provide a safe place for youth to explore gardening, nature and community through formal programming or informal participation.

Why we choose to do this for our Community?