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The Korey Johnson Foundation’s primary mission is to teach compassion and philanthropy to youth by highlighting the importance of giving and receiving with an emphasis on giving. The founder has found unique ways to fulfill this mission. Annually, October through May of the following year the foundation exposes 6-18 year-old's to the game of billiards to help them learn life lessons and help plant seeds of self-worth. There is a unique way of teaching them to give.  In addition to the one‐time annual registration fee of $20, monthly each participant brings five non-perishable food items to the session. The foundation gives the food to the charities it supports. This cleverly named P.O.O.L. program stands for Providing Opportunities Otherwise Lost. The Korey Johnson Foundation’s work on behalf of the youth does not stop during the months of June through September. The planning of the foundation’s yearly Can Skate event becomes the focus when the P.O.O.L. session ends in May. The August skating event again invokes youth to give. Youth bring canned goods in exchange for hours of a free, fun skate party and backpacks with school supplies. None of this is possible without the support of the Foundation’s supporters and the community. With the help of the community, we have donated over 10,000 back packs to children in need and collected and donated over 50,000 non-perishable food Items to local Charities and food banks in the area. We aim to encourage our children in our community to take ownership in your community become strong leaders and we demonstrate it with action. 

​We are small in size, but powerful in OUR CCOMMUNITY WE SERVE.

On this episode of City Corner host Robin Boyce interviews Korey Johnson a concerned North County resident and founder of the Korey Johnson Foundation, who teaches young people the discipline of playing pool.

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